The KonMari Series

To KonMari or Not…?

       I was first introduced to the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by my sister.  Honestly, at first I didn’t read it. After all, I was only 24 years old, had no children, and lived in a small apartment… I didn’t need it. HA! Oh how wrong I was!  

      You see, what I didn’t realize was – even though my husband and I were a young couple with no kids – we had been still been lugging around all this stuff that really didn’t serve a purpose anymore (think about 60 t-shirts just from my husband’s closet alone…oh and he had them since he was a teenager).  But… it wasn’t just my husband.  I was just as much to blame.  I had paper junk that had been following me since college, clothes that no longer fit, random books, and oh yeah basically two of everything (since we both lived on our own before marrying and had acquired our own collection).  So, I was in major denial that I didn’t need help. Mostly because I’ve always been an organized person and that is a major downfall when it comes to “stuff” – we tend to organize our clutter as they say. Yeah, I was doing that.  

      Flash forward a year. I’m pregnant with our first child, living in a small one bedroom apartment and can you guess what I’m reading? Yep. Here’s the thing… I felt like i was drowning in baby gifts. But at the same time, as any new first time parents do, we felt the pressure to go out and buy all the baby “essential” items. Honestly I was feeling overwhelmed. We live in this world where they convince us that having more is essential to being happy and/or successful. Yet even with all this stuff surrounding me I was stressed, sick, and tired.  Why?  Because, to be truthful, none of the stuff I was holding onto or acquiring was bringing me joy.  I read “The Magic of Tidying Up” first and fell in love with the message. Marie Kondo knew what I was missing.

      I love a challenge. That’s what this was in a nutshell, a HUGE challenge. But after my son was born and the storm calmed – I decided it would be smart to start Konmari’ing my life. Oh…and buy a house at the same time (obviously was still high on birth hormones or just crazy).  So here we are two years later living in our little cute home in the country, picking away at renovations, and only having what brings our family joy – and letting go of the rest. 

      I now have two little ones and I can tell you using this method as a family is completely possible. Working together, our family communicates better, we have the same goals, and ultimately we’re closer.  As Marie Kondo says “This method is life changing.”  So follow me and my little family on our journey to share real and achievable success, using the KonMari method. And follow my personal journey to become a certified KonMari Consultant.

Till next time,


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