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Collect moments not things

Following up from the previous post I thought I’d share some gift ideas that revolve around experiences instead of objects!

For the last two winters my entire family has had a gift night every December.  We’d eat supper together, spend quality time together, and then end off the evening with gifts for each other.  Lately I’ve been obsessed with the Hygge or Lagom trends floating around the web, so I thought let’s make this a real cozy evening with good food and fun memories.

As the day approached we were all thinking about what things we wanted to gift each other with when it dawned on us that we really didn’t need or for that matter want anything.  So, as a group we decided we were going to gift each other experiences instead!  We ended up enjoying our night so much more.  We knew that we weren’t wasting money on gifts the other person really wouldn’t like or want, and nothing would just end up in a landfill soon thereafter.

So here are a few gift ideas you may like to try!

  • Gift certificates to a local restaurant.
  • A night of bowling with the whole family.
  • Movie vouchers! (Can you say date night?)
  • A sleigh ride (we gifted the whole family with this and surprised them with going that very night)
  • Some type of class that a friend is interested in.
  • Mani/Pedi.
  • Volunteer to babysit your grandchildren,niece/nephews, or friends children while they go get something done or just go for a nice walk.
  • Making a meal or giving someone the ingredients for a meal.

These are just a few ideas and the beauty with these gifts is that you’re not loading someone down with stuff, instead you’re letting them experience the outside world!  What a gift!

– J



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