The KonMari Series

Trust the Process

When we’re young, trust comes naturally. It has to – we rely on someone to feed us, keep us warm, make us happy, and make decisions for us. We get older, start becoming more self-reliant, and eventually really being able to trust anyone or anything can be difficult. But when it comes to making the “KonMari” method work for us, trust is key. We need to trust ourselves, emotionally and responsively, enough to make the important decisions that will benefit us now and create a strong foundation on which to build in the future. Not to say that we won’t make mistakes because we all do! But also trusting in the process will help us continue learning and progressing.

So what is the process? We start by carefully placing all our items we are evaluating categorically on the floor and begin to touch and question the items individually. Do we really have to do this? Isn’t this a bit time-consuming? Trust the process. The way we view and experience our possessions is crucial to making honest decisions about what we’re going to do with them.

Once we get over the initial hurdle of getting involved with the process, we can start taking advantage of the time we’re given and get down to business. Be honest with our evaluations and trust in your decisions about what to do with your possessions. Our visions for our cars, offices, and homes is never of clutter and mess. It almost always clean, open, and organized.This is possible for everyone to make their reality. Trust the process, trust yourself, and start.


  • Try tidying with minimal distractions. You need to be able to focus.

Ex: Arrange for your family to spend the weekend with parents or grandparents.

  • When evaluating your possessions – honestly ask yourself whether you’d repurchase it. (Expensive ≠ Valuable)
  • Pick three items that bring you the most joy and measure everything else against them – a joy meter.
  • Sometimes we want to discard something functional, but we cannot afford to immediately replace it. Until you can replace it, appreciate what it does for you and be positive about it’s presence. Plan your affairs to replace it when possible.
  • My favourite tips is to reward yourself!  For me that means buying fresh flowers or a new houseplant to bring new life to your space after you have finished a session in that location.

Don’t just trust the process, enjoy it as well!  Remember, Spring is the time for new beginnings. Start changing your life today!


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