My joy

5 things bringing me joy right now!

Seventh Generation anti bac wipes (our household has been sick for the last 2 weeks and these have been a lifesaver). Everyday I wipe down all my surfaces, furniture, doorknobs, and light switches.  I love the smell of thyme oil …it just smells very clean and sanitized when I’m done!
Plywood!  Now this is where it gets confusing, were about to start a mini kitchen floor renovation.  We decided to try the new Pinterest trend of plywood flooring and I’m excited,  I am also terrified, see I don’t do well in renos (I’m a control freak and can’t stand the temporary mess and disorganization of things).  I’m trying to fight my tendecy of complaining constantly through the project and act like it brings me joy…ill let you know if it works.×8-sanded-fir-plywood.1000113439.html

Spring tulips. Need I say more?  Tulips in the spring add life to any room in my house, cannot get enough of them!  Oh, and this week my two year old pulled all the pedals off my bouquet in the livingroom so that wasn’t to joyful…but hey maybe he was playing she loves me she loves me not? Let’s be positive.

Reorganizing my pantry.  Let’s preface that with this— remember that little Reno we are doing?  We were moving the pantry last night and the whole thing collapsed (think soya sauce all over everything). At that moment no joyful or positivity meme was helping my attitude,  I’ll be honest, I went to a dark place haha so not zen.  BUT that means I finally will be reorganizing my pantry with glass jars! That my friends makes me über joyful

Finally my new Woolen blankets from the Macausland Woolen Mill in Bloomfield , Prince Edward Island.  I purchased 3 beautiful blankets and I plan on having them forever. These blankets are so well made with beautiful color and patterned selections. Check them out!


*not trying to sell anything here!  All my opinions are my own and not paid ads.

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