The KonMari Series

The Thing About Toys



Ah, kids toys, we generally all have too much.  Whether we are into the flashy light up toys or more natural wooden toys, we all just want our homes to be organized.  Is that too much to ask?  Not at all.  Many of us feel better as parents when our homes are organized properly.  Here are some tips to give you a head start.


  • Know your limits.  Have a picture in your head of what you want your home looking like.  If you don’t want a big amount of toys in the main living area or want your kids toys kept in their rooms, designate those areas only.  Set some boundaries.


  • Teach your kids to tidy.  You as a parent, can clearly see what toys are bringing your children joy.  Though, as your child gets older you should involve them in the KonMari process of tidying up.  It is so important to teach your children the art in finding joy in their belongings.  As a result they will learn that happiness does not always come from the things they own, but rather the things they find joy in.


  • Be honest.  Be honest about toys. Does my child like this anymore? Does my child have another toy like this that they enjoy more?  How many stuffed animals does my child really need?  You know the answers to these questions most of the time.


  • Reward.  One thing I like to remind my child is that when he decides to let go of things that no longer interests him or sparks joy, it opens up opportunities for new toys in the future.

Lesson is

Toys are fun and can be great learning tools, but they can also overtake your home, if you let them. Knowing your limits and what sparks joy is key for your whole family.





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