The KonMari Series

5 Things I No Longer Buy

Since implementing the KonMari Method lots of things have changed about me.  I no longer feel too attached to physical items, I spend more quality time with my family, and no longer buy certain things that previously I would not even bat an eyelash to purchase.  Here are 5 things I no longer buy and why.



magazines.  Oh boy, okay well let me tell you why this one is so important to me.  The magazines I’m talking about are the “trash mags” of the world, the UsWeekly and Intouch’s.  I would drop one of these bad boys in the cart everytime I hit up a grocery or convenience store and airport.  In fact my husband started bringing home these magazines sometimes three times a week, on special occasions he may have even brought home the queen bee of gossip mags People oh Lala! Anyway, I realized pretty quickly from the piles developing all over my home that it was getting to be an issue- a big one.  After going through the konmari process I decided to cut myself off and never buy another magazine again, and realistically I have the Internet to tell me when Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with her 44th child or divorcing her sixth husband.  This was an actually way easier process then I assumed and I can say confidently I have been trash mag free for almost 2 years haha!


Stock up items.  We all do this, we see a sale for an item we use (or sometimes don’t) and we buy three or four to stock up.  For me I would do this for items I didn’t know if I liked yet and I ended up wasting a lot of money and a lot of space trying to store them all.  Usually I just donated them or gave them to a family member to use.  I realized the purchasing in bulk was just my own fear of not having enough coming out.  I wasn’t brought up poor or even wanting for much, but still I had this strange fear showing up in my mind making be doubt whether or not I had a enough shampoo or face wash to do me until the end of the world- just in case right?  I changed this habit by buying what I need for the time being and also by buying multi purposes products such as Dr. Bronners Magic Soap.  The beauty of that product is that my husband likes it to so we don’t have to have multiple bottles of product in the shower,we just need one- how simple!


Nail polish.  The reason I don’t buy this is simple- time. I’m a mom of two small children and I don’t have the time to paint my nails usually. I don’t care to make time for it either , I would much rather make time for other things like reading, baking, or even cleaning (I’m crazy and I truly enjoy cleaning).  I have a few colours I keep and a clear polish, but quite frankly that’s all I need.  If I ever want to go all out I’d probably just go to a professional.


Notebooks.  I love a pretty notebook just as much as the next person.  I love making goals and to do list everyday, this keeps me motivated and accountable.  I found though that just like the magazines I was just ending up with piles of notebooks that were either empty or half used till I went onto the next one.  Now I choose one notebook that I love and use until it is filled and then I discard it and buy a new one.  This keeps my paper clutter to almost non-existent now and goes back to the goal of only keeping what sparks joy!

New clothing.  For now I have what I love and what I need so I don’t go into stores looking for new clothes anymore.  I also don’t go into stores without a goal or purpose.  I use to settle on things that weren’t really needed and I would never actually get what I needed in the end.  This made me feel frustrated and also like I was lacking so it would give me the false idea that I needed to go out and shop more.  Now I know what I need and when and if I need something I put it on a list and make sure I get it and only it.

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