The KonMari Series

Digital Decluttering



I am a firm believer that in keeping a clean and tidy space you can effectively keep a clear mindset.  I like organized spaces with just what is needed and not much more,  this helps me think clearly and keep on track.  I understand not everyone is like this and that’s okay.  Everyone has their own way of doing things and as long as you’re happy, you do you!  In mind with keeping a tidy space I like to keep my device tidy too.  I have an IPad and like everyone else it gets cluttered and full-  when this happens it becomes a productivity killer and working on it becomes almost impossible.  Therefore I like to go through it and do a little spring cleaning- a digital decluttering if you will.  I have come up with 10 steps that I have used and love.

  1. Go through all your documents and get rid of any ones you don’t need anymore. Resist the urge to have the “just in case” mindset.  Do you really need all your old essays from school or ancient grocery lists?  Probably not!
  2. Organize what you are keeping by date, starting with the oldest and working your way up to today.
  3. Unsub to any newsletters or email lists that you no longer need.
  4. Clear out and clean up your downloads, getting rid of any you don’t want anymore.
  5. Delete pictures and organize the rest into albums.  If you’re able to save your pics to a memory card this is best.
  6. Sort and delete any bookmarks that aren’t relevant anymore.
  7. Delete your history.
  8. Unfriend or unfollow any people or groups that you longer wish to follow or have interest in.  Allowing your attention to focus on the people you want to keep up with.
  9. Find a nice background that is calming and makes you happy.  Having a clean organized background picture always helps me keep on track and organized (I know this sounds funny but it works)
  10. My favourite tip is one you should use weekly!  UNPLUG.  Take one day and just unplug if possible, or have a turn off time every night (say 9 pm) and just do something else.  Take a bath, read a book, or have that glass of wine!

Hope you try these out and see how far reaching the benefits can be.  I’d be curious to know if anyone out there has done a digital detox?  Comment below!

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