The KonMari Series

I Have Nothing To Wear.


How many times have we said or felt this way?  Probably at least 40 times a week if you were like me!  Here is a step by step guide to how you are going to konmari the heck out of your wardrobe and hopefully never say it again!

  1. Take everything out of your closet.  I make sure the bed is made and just throw everything on there! Go through everything thing and decide what you want to keep,  discard, and make sure you have a maybe pile for the things in between.
  2. Gather the rest of your stuff. Yes, go find it!  I’m talking your out of season clothes, coats, footwear, uniforms, and gym wear.
  3. Make your way to your maybe pile,  try on EVERYTHING in your “maybe pile” and decide what makes you feel great, fits properly, and also what fits into your current style.  If your maybe pile is huge perhaps sit down and pick everything up again and ask yourself “why is this item hard to let go of?” Or  “Am I holding onto this for the right reasons or am I holding onto it simply because of the emotional attachment I have to it?”
  4. Once you have your piles seperated into keep and discard, begin to return the keep clothes into your drawers or closet.  Take the discard pile and bag it up to put into your car.
  5. Discard and enjoy!  This is the time when you pour yourself a beverage and admire all your hardwork.  Make sure you appreciate all the clothing you have discarded or donated for all the years it has given you.
  6. Fold and hang.  Konmari folding is key to the method because it helps keep everything in its place and tidy.  You can find folding guides in the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up!  As regards hanging clothes in closets  hang everything heaviest and longest left to right! provides a great video series on folding that I found helpful here is the link if you want to check that out




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