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What I needed 

It’s been a hot second since I’ve posted anything, and honestly I needed it.  When I started this blog I went crazy trying to post as much as I could (having a 6 month old and two year old at the same time).  I put so much pressure on myself, and soon realized it was getting lame fast.  As much as I love tidying and organization, the whole topic was taking up all my headspace.  I was getting really annoyed at myself because I felt like I was wasting days and moments worrying about whether or not things were folded correctly or whether I had too much.  I quickly realized that even though I truly believe that a tidy life is great and somewhat important, it really doesn’t help you if it overtakes you in a way that it did me.  Life’s not perfect, sometimes it gets really disorganized and messy.  GUESS WHAT?  That’s just fine! In fact it’s probably healthy.  Who wants to worry about all the chores or organizational stuff all the time anyway?   In order to be sane I think I needed to step back and just realize that I’m not in control and really I probably will never be in control.  Like I said I still love a clean space and thrive best in one, but I sit here tonight telling whoever wants to know that I cannot guarantee that I will ever have it all together.  I needed to take a summer break, spend time with family, and go to the beach…I really needed to go to the beach.  I needed and still need to let my kids be kids and live in their home, have messy drawers because they want to pick out their own clothes.  I refuse to feel guilty about it because perfection isn’t real, it’s as fake as it gets.  No offence to anyone who appears to be perfect- it’s boring.  So here’s to the future and letting go a little more, doing the things we actually want to do and not sweating the small stuff as much.  And also to the moms- you are my freaking heroes.

2 thoughts on “What I needed ”

  1. I believe it’s far more important to immerse oneself in motherhood and live every minute to the full – children are little for such a short time. And when they have grown up, all too soon, one doesn’t think “I wish I had spent more time with them” because one has already done so and can move on to the next phase in life (when it’s far easier to be tidy!). While it’s good to have some organisation/order, and not live in chaos, I don’t think it’s healthy for children to grow up in total tidiness. Children need to be children!


  2. I agree completely! I think they while we want to make our day to day easier with some organization and decluttering of unused items, we don’t want it to take over and become our whole life. You are so right, children need to be children!

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