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5 ways to maintain your sanity (and organization) during renovations.

In the past, I've had real difficulty keeping my sanity during renovations. I mean I was impatient, stressed, and honestly I was difficult to deal with. But truthfully - I didn't want to be that way. I love doing renovations, improving our home, and the hard work my husband and I put in to increasing… Continue reading 5 ways to maintain your sanity (and organization) during renovations.

My joy

5 things bringing me joy right now!

Seventh Generation anti bac wipes (our household has been sick for the last 2 weeks and these have been a lifesaver). Everyday I wipe down all my surfaces, furniture, doorknobs, and light switches.  I love the smell of thyme oil just smells very clean and sanitized when I'm done! Plywood!  Now this is where it… Continue reading 5 things bringing me joy right now!

The KonMari Series

Trust the Process

When we're young, trust comes naturally. It has to - we rely on someone to feed us, keep us warm, make us happy, and make decisions for us. We get older, start becoming more self-reliant, and eventually really being able to trust anyone or anything can be difficult. But when it comes to making the… Continue reading Trust the Process

The KonMari Series

Important Enough in her Heart to Earn a Place in her Home.

Last week I had the opportunity to help someone close to me start her tidying process. She and her husband own a cute bungalow with a finished basement. As we talked about her goals for the home, we decided to focus on a basement spare bedroom to start. She had intentions of making that room… Continue reading Important Enough in her Heart to Earn a Place in her Home.

The KonMari Series

Collect moments not things

Following up from the previous post I thought I'd share some gift ideas that revolve around experiences instead of objects! For the last two winters my entire family has had a gift night every December.  We'd eat supper together, spend quality time together, and then end off the evening with gifts for each other.  Lately… Continue reading Collect moments not things

The KonMari Series

What holds us back?

We've all been there... We feel like we're finally getting somewhere in our system of tidying, organizing, or simplifying. Sometimes gradually, sometimes all at once, our "stuff" grows back and we are back to feeling like we are drowning. So many people I know have an honest desire to live with less, yet they find it so difficult! I feel… Continue reading What holds us back?

The KonMari Series

To KonMari or Not…?

       I was first introduced to the book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by my sister.  Honestly, at first I didn't read it. After all, I was only 24 years old, had no children, and lived in a small apartment... I didn't need it. HA! Oh how wrong I was!      … Continue reading To KonMari or Not…?