The KonMari Series

I Have Nothing To Wear.

How many times have we said or felt this way?  Probably at least 40 times a week if you were like me!  Here is a step by step guide to how you are going to konmari the heck out of your wardrobe and hopefully never say it again! Take everything out of your closet.  I… Continue reading I Have Nothing To Wear.

The KonMari Series

5 Things I No Longer Buy

Since implementing the KonMari Method lots of things have changed about me.  I no longer feel too attached to physical items, I spend more quality time with my family, and no longer buy certain things that previously I would not even bat an eyelash to purchase.  Here are 5 things I no longer buy and… Continue reading 5 Things I No Longer Buy

The KonMari Series

Sparking joy in relationships!

We all have them, the friend(s) that probably aren't that great for us. People that brings us down or make fun of us.  We may know these relationships are bad for us integritally or even physically but we don't do anything about it. As you go through the KonMari method you will discard some items… Continue reading Sparking joy in relationships!

The KonMari Series

The New Spring Cleaning!

Here are four ways my spring cleaning routine has changed since implementing the KonMari method. 1. I actually clean.  That sounds strange I know, but the reality is I don't have to organize my clutter and rush through tasks that don't actually help me get my home fresh and clean for Spring! 2. Cleaning no… Continue reading The New Spring Cleaning!

The KonMari Series

8 Questions to Ask While Decluttering.

Have I used this item in the last six months? If I were shopping right now, would I buy this item? Is the only reason I am keeping this item because I don't want to waste money? Am I holding onto this item for sentimental or memory reasons? Does this item even fit in my… Continue reading 8 Questions to Ask While Decluttering.

The KonMari Series

5 ways to maintain your sanity (and organization) during renovations.

In the past, I've had real difficulty keeping my sanity during renovations. I mean I was impatient, stressed, and honestly I was difficult to deal with. But truthfully - I didn't want to be that way. I love doing renovations, improving our home, and the hard work my husband and I put in to increasing… Continue reading 5 ways to maintain your sanity (and organization) during renovations.

My joy

5 things bringing me joy right now!

Seventh Generation anti bac wipes (our household has been sick for the last 2 weeks and these have been a lifesaver). Everyday I wipe down all my surfaces, furniture, doorknobs, and light switches.  I love the smell of thyme oil just smells very clean and sanitized when I'm done! Plywood!  Now this is where it… Continue reading 5 things bringing me joy right now!

The KonMari Series

Trust the Process

When we're young, trust comes naturally. It has to - we rely on someone to feed us, keep us warm, make us happy, and make decisions for us. We get older, start becoming more self-reliant, and eventually really being able to trust anyone or anything can be difficult. But when it comes to making the… Continue reading Trust the Process

The KonMari Series

Important Enough in her Heart to Earn a Place in her Home.

Last week I had the opportunity to help someone close to me start her tidying process. She and her husband own a cute bungalow with a finished basement. As we talked about her goals for the home, we decided to focus on a basement spare bedroom to start. She had intentions of making that room… Continue reading Important Enough in her Heart to Earn a Place in her Home.